Key to the Families of Eastern United States Hymenoptera

I originally created this key for my own personal use in order to update the fantastic keys from Goulet and Huber’s 1993 classic, “Hymenoptera of the World,” which is widely considered by entomologists to be the “wasp bible”. I’ve made a number of updates to the key in accordance with a more modern taxonomic scheme; these changes are all indicated in the introduction. Figures have also been modified to include color indication of key features. This version of the key is restricted to families of the eastern United States, as that is where the vast majority of specimens I work with are collected from. The key is best viewed printed, as the corresponding figures for each couplet appear on the adjacent page, which allows for more flexible use of the key. This version was last updated in January of 2020.

Excerpt from Nastasi 2020, Key to the Families of Hymenoptera of the Eastern United States

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